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I founded a beauty brand in my kitchen, with the goal to rid the world of plastic bottles - and show other businesses that it was possible to operate a business as ethically and fairly as possible - whilst still being profitable. My team and I spent ten years growing Ethique to a global award winning regenerative brand and I learned a LOT along the way. 

Business but Better is a culmination of all of those lessons, as well advice from many dear friends and colleagues I have met along the way. 

Business but Better is here to provide you the help you need to grow a business that is not only financially sustainable, but also changes the world and solves problems.  

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Business Modules & Video Lessons

From business foundations to branding, product to export, we cover almost everything you might need to know to start and scale your mission-led business.

Fortnightly Group Mentoring*

Chat over problems, learn from guest mentors and see how others have grown their businesses. *For startup to stay-up Premium members only.

Purpose-led Entrepreneur Community 

Lifetime access to a community of likeminded people building businesses just like yours.

“Brianne has been monumental in the growth of not only my business but my self development too. She is a brilliant listener and gives just the right amount of input that helps me think and take action. Brianne communicates in a direct and clear way, making our mentor sessions productive and incredibly enjoyable."

- Kate Hall, Ethically Kate

"Brianne has an incredible mind and she is full of enthusiasm. Paired with her expertise, I really feel a clear vision for the next steps I need to take and what I also need to be thinking about long term. She is invaluable!"

- Kathy Toon, Appletastic

"We were lucky enough to have Brianne West (founder of Ethique) as our mentor during the Soda Inc Lift program. Our experience with Brianne was fantastic, we really appreciated her friendly and candid communication and will be forever grateful for the contacts and knowledge that she generously shared with us. She truly is the sustainability queen and has helped us understand how to create a purpose driven brand."

- Milli & Jenni, Eat Kinda

Is Business but Better for you?

Do you want to learn how to run a business that is fair and equitable - but profitable?
Do you have a business idea but don't know how to take that first, overwhelming step?
Do you have a business already but want to grow it further?
Do you want to raise investment, but don't know how to even start the process of raising capital?
Do you want to start exporting in new markets but don't know how to find retailers or customers?
Do you want to grow a purpose-led business to change the world? 

What is in the Membership?

Nothing to hide here - here are just some of the things you'll learn. 

1: Business Foundations

How to turn an idea into a business. 
What is your USP? 
Business set-up. 
Online presence.
Legal basics.

2: Branding

Brand identity.
Values, ethics & brand pillars.
Visual identity & colours.
Story telling.
Mission, vision and purpose.

3: Product

Product development.
IP & legal protection.
Sustainable, ethical supply chains.

4: Leadership

What type of leader are you?
Strengths & weaknesses
How to inspire and motivate people.
Best practises.

5: Customer

Who is your customer?
Where are they found?
How to find them.
How to engender loyalty and trust.

6: Marketing

Developing a marketing plan.
Content pillars.
Social media & EDMs.
Retailer strategy & retailer marketing.

7: Processes & Operations

Legal basics.
Employment & human resources
How to sell & where.
Website set-up

8: Finance & Investment

How & when to raise capital.
Types of investment.
Types of investors & watch outs.
Finance basics - know your numbers.
Margin management & profitability.

9: Exporting

Are you ready for export?
How to get ready for export.
How to find the right partners and markets.
Business models.
Market specific messaging.


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