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Business, but Better is a digital course & active community for mission-led brands who want to sell out, without selling out.


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Get the blueprint for ethical business

(From someone who's actually done it before.)

Most business advice come from people whose business is... selling advice.

I started Ethique back in my tiny kitchen.

Today, it's in 22 countries, 8,000 stores and worth $100m. 

Now I'm giving ambitious, mission-led entrepreneurs the tools to do the same (and avoid the mistakes I made on my own journey). 

I've even made it free. You're welcome.


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I'm here to help ethical businesses grow and change the world, and in particular:

Build a world-changing brand that inspires  diehard fans

Brand and marketing is everything in an ultra-competitive world. But being mission-led helps you stand out. 

Get Your Products on to Retailer Shelves 

But in a strategic way, that pays off long term.

Expand Internationally and Start Exporting

It's easier than ever to go offshore, but you need to do it right. 

And you'll discover how, through

Business, but Better.

Sponsored by Insprie Labs. 

Launching ethical product brands, globally.

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“Brianne has been monumental in the growth of not only my business but my self development too. She is a brilliant listener and gives just the right amount of input that helps me think and take action. Brianne communicates in a direct and clear way, making our mentor sessions productive and incredibly enjoyable."

- Kate Hall, Ethically Kate

What's inside the Membership


The Business, but Better Education Hub

50+ value-packed, video lessons with actionable worksheets.

All available instantly.

Jump straight into the topics most relevant to you.

Plus, you get access to a genuinely active forum filled with other ethical entrepreneurs so you can avoid pitfalls, get feedback and stay on the right track.

Live Group Calls & Active Community

Going it alone can only take you so far.

That's why every fortnight I host live mentoring calls with all our members - at a time convenient to each group.

We solve problems, answer questions, and bring in guest experts to dive into specific topics like branding, finance and operations. 


Quarterly 1-on-1 With Me


As a BBB Mentoring member, you'll get a full hour with me, every three months. 

Together we will:

  • Review your strategy
  • Explore opportunities and troubleshoot challenges
  • Keep you on-track and accountable.

That way, you will always know what you next step should be. 

New Lessons Every Fortnight

The business world is constantly evolving.
Our education hub evolves with it.

New lessons are added each fortnight - based on the conversations we have in our community and on our group calls (and what is going on in the outside world of course). 

This means you'll have up-to-date information so you can always put your best foot forward.


The blueprint for an ethical & profitable business - made accessible for everyone.

Membership Options

Ethical business knowledge shouldn't be gatekept. 

That's why I've made the full resource hub and all the weekly lesson updates 100% free. 

And you can get access to group mentoring, and direct access to me, for just $350/month.

Education Hub


  • Instant access to the full range of course material containing over 40 video lessons and actionable worksheets. Accessible to you whenever you want. No time limits, no gating, just what you need to know, when you need to know it.
  • Nine modules from foundations to export, finance to marketing.
  • New lessons added every fortnight.
  • Access to our community where you can ask questions or just celebrate your success.
  • Cancel anytime.
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Group Mentoring

$350 per month

  • Instant access to the full range of course material. Accessible to you whenever you want. No time limits, no gating, just what you need to know, when you need to know it.
  • Nine modules from foundations to export, finance to marketing.
  • New lessons added every fortnight.
  • Fortnightly group mentoring.
  • Quarterly 1-on-1 mentoring with Brianne.
  • Access to our community where you can ask questions or just celebrate your success. 
  • Cancel anytime.
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I'm Brianne West

I help purpose-led entrepreneurs start and scale enterprises that solve some of the biggest problems we face. 

I never had any real idea of what I wanted to do with my life, beyond 'saving the world', (whatever that meant).
After starting and selling two businesses in my early twenties, and graduating with a science degree, I started Ethique, a regenerative beauty brand based in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Valued at over $100 million by the time I stepped down as CEO nearly 10 years later, Ethique saved over 25 million plastic bottles, and showed that business that was sustainable, equitable and operated fairly, could also be profitable. 


Scholarships Available!

Scholarships are available three times a year. Check back in June for the next intake!

Let's use business to solve meaningful problems

Business is the fastest way to solve social and environmental problems.

That's why I have created a membership designed for entrepreneurs from day one, to day 10,000. Nine modules, 40+ short, snappy video lessons to watch on demand (with new ones every fortnight), worksheets to work through, mentoring sessions and a community of like-minded people. 

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